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Read the article below and decide which answer best fits each space. Đọc đoạn văn dưới và chọn từ thích hợp cho mỗi chỗ trống.

Cause of the rain!

Mike was a boy of eight. His home was not ___(1)___ school. So he often walked there and back every day. ___(2)___ school, he passed a playground. There was much water in it when it rained. One day, when Mike came home, he was all wet. His mother became ___(3)___ and said, " ___(4)___ in the water on your way." The next day Mike came back very wet again. His mother became ___(5)___. She thought Mike was ___(6)___ his father because he was ___(7)___ his son. "I'll tell your father if you come home wet again," sad the mother. " ___(8)___ he'll come back from London next Tuesday. He'll punish you, I think." Two days ___(9)___, it was raining hard when Mike got home. But this time his clothes were dry. His mother became happy and said, "You're a good boy today. You didn't play in the water." "No," Mike said angrily. "There were so many strong boys in the water when I got there this afternoon. There ___(10)___ for me at all!"

1 -
  • far from
  • too far away
  • from near
  • far away to
2 -
  • In middle
  • go to
  • By the way
  • on his way to
3 -
  • glad
  • angry
  • happy
  • sad
4 -
  • Not to swim
  • don't play
  • don't fall
  • keep away
5 -
  • worried about
  • even angrily
  • even surprised
  • even angrier
6 -
  • listening to
  • afraid of
  • the son of
  • told by
7 -
  • a good father of
  • always kind to
  • strict with
  • interested in
8 -
  • If
  • usually
  • may be
  • tomorrow
9 -
  • later
  • ago
  • early
  • after
10 -
  • was no water
  • were some rooms
  • were too many boys
  • wasn't any room

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